Alex Jones net worth

Alex Jones net worth

Net Worth: $8 Million

About Alex Jones

It has been calculated that the current size of Alex Jones net worth is equal to 8 million dollars. Alex Jones is involved into various activities, such as being a radio show host, filmmaker, author and conspiracy theory maker. Talking about him as a radio show host, he has his own show called “The Alex Jones Show”, which is syndicated nationally. This radio show is also regarded as one of the main sources of Alex Jones net worth. His show can be listened to in all the states in America and is syndicated to 70 AM and FM radio stations by the Genesis Communications Network. In 2013, the news was released that more than 15 million people listened to his radio show once per week.

In addition to his work on radio, Alex Jones is also known to be in charge of a few websites, including and In addition to that, he also has his own Youtube channel, which is called “TheAlexJonesChannel”. As of right now, his channel has almost 800 thousand people subscribing to it. He started this channel in 2008 and since that time more than 360 million people have viewed his videos. Thus, this is also an important source of increasing the total sum of Alex Jones net worth.

In addition, Alex Jones is also known for some of his beliefs that might cause some controversy, mainly related to his opinion about attacks of 9/11, the moon landing and Oklahoma City bombing. Alex Jones has stated that he thinks that these events were ‘inside jobs’, which means that the United States government was involved into them since the very beginning.

Giving some background information about him, Alex Jones was born in Dallas, Texas in 1974. In fact, his radio shows are recorded from this location, too. In 1998 Alex Jones started his career as a film producer with the release of a film called “America: Destroyed by Design”. Since that time, he has released more than 30 films. Thus, this involvement has also added up to the total amount of Alex Jones net worth.

Alex Jones is also known as an author. He has published two books. One of them was published in 2002 and is called “9-11: Descent Into Tyranny”. Six years later, Alex Jones released one more book called “The Answer to 1984 Is 1776”. Thus, this career has also increased his fame and net worth.

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