Boris Becker net worth

Boris Becker net worth

Net Worth: $29 Million

About Boris Becker

It has been stated that the overall sum of Boris Becker net worth today is as much as 29 million dollars. He has earned his net worth because of his career in sports. Boris Becker has earned his fame and financial success because of his career as a tennis player from Germany. Boris Becker is considered as one of the greatest people in sports. Boris Becker has won in prize money more than 25 million dollars, and this winning makes him the 7th in the list of the all-time tennis earners. Thus, it is quite clear that tennis has not only made him a huge star, but also added up a lot to the overall size of Boris Becker net worth.

Boris Becker was at one point considered as number 1 tennis player in the world. Boris Becker became a winner of Grand Slam title six times. Boris Becker has appeared in many Olympic Games and he became a winner of a Gold Medal in doubles and a winner of a Bronze medal in singles. When he was 17 years old, Boris Becker became a huge success when he became a winner of the men’s singles title at Wimbledon. This winning made him the youngest person to win this title. Boris Becker continued his career as a successful tennis player with winning many more championships, such as 3 ATP Masters World Tour Finals. These winnings not only made him more famous, but also added up to the total size of Boris Becker net worth.

Other winnings which made him more popular and rich include one Grand Slam Cup and WCT Finals. Tennis Magazine named Boris Becker as the 18th tennis player in its list of the 40 greatest tennis players ever.

Boris Becker was born in West Germany in 1967. Boris Becker grew up in the former Czechoslovakia. His father was working as an architect and he is also a founder of the tennis centre in Leimen. Boris Becker would usually got there to play tennis, too. When he was training there, he adopted a nickname of “Boom Boom”, which was given to him because of his powerful strokes and serves. His abilities in tennis made him a winner of Wimbledon games three times. Today, Boris Becker is married to his wife Barbara Feltus. Before the couple got married, they posed nude on one magazine. The photo was made by his father.

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