Carrot Top net worth

Carrot Top net worth

Net Worth: $75 Million

About Carrot Top

It has been announced that the total amount of one of the wealthiest comedians Carrot Top net worth has an estimate of 75 million dollars. Although in the entertainment world he is mostly known as a Carrot Top, his real name is Scott Thompson. Carrot Top was born in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where he also was raised an attended Florida Atlantic University, where he was studying marketing.

When he was in his first year at university, Carrot Top started his career as a stand-up comedian, which started to increase Carrot Top net worth. His first performances took place in local clubs during open-mic nights. Soon after, Carrot Top got a title of the most popular comedian in campuses in the United States. In order to support his career financially, Carrot Top worked a variety of odd jobs before he was able to gain enough money from his comedy acts.

In 1993, he got two first titles which were really important to him. They were given to him by the National Association of Campus Activities and these titles were Comedian of the Year and also Performer of the Year.

Because of his successful career as a stand-up comedian, Carrot Top started to get offers to appear in both television and cinema, which also increased the total amount of Carrot Top net worth. These appearances included his spots in TV show “Scrubs”, documentary “The Aristocrats” and many more. Moreover, the comedian has appeared in quite a lot of television specials, including “Gene Simmons: The Family Jewels”, “Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular” and “Criss Angel Mindfreak”. It has been reported that Carrot Top is a regular guest performing at the Luxor Las Vegas, where he has 15 weeks of his shows during one year. In the comedy world, Carrot Top is also known because of his volume red hair, props used in his act and self-deprecating humor elements.

Between the years 1995-1999, Carrot Top worked in one of the most popular children oriented television networks, Cartoon Network. His position was a continuity announcer. Moreover, for two years in the network, he had his own show in which he both appeared and produced and which was called “Carrot Top’s AM Mayhem” in 1994-1996. Therefore, his involvement into Cartoon Network television also increased the overall amount of Carrot Top net worth.

Today, he is known as one of the richest and most popular comedians all across the world.

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carrot top net worth

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