Jay Z net worth

Jay Z

Jay Z net worth goes up to 460 millions of dollars and that does not surprise anyone. Jay Z is a famous American rapper, sometimes becomes an actor and a successful business person. His full name ...
Net Worth: $460 Million
50 Cent net worth

50 Cent

50 Cent net worth according to Forbes in April 2012 was 110 million of dollars. He earned this money consistently. In 2007 50 Cent net worth increased with 32 million of dollars, in 2008 he ...
Net Worth: $110 Million
Bill Gates net worth

Bill Gates

Bill Gates net worth reaches up to 72.2 billion of dollars. Although he spends a lot of his time doing charity he is still considered to be the richest person in the world. He used to be a ...
Net Worth: $72.2 Billion
Mitt Romney net worth

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is an American businessman and politician. He belongs to the right-wing Republican Party. Mitt Romney net worth is 250 million of dollars. He is the richest candidate for President ...
Net Worth: $250 Million
Donald Trump net worth

Donald Trump

Donald Trump net worth is even 2.9 billion of dollars. He is American business magnate a television personality and author. He is also one of the richest American celebrities. Donald Trump net ...
Net Worth: $2.9 Billion
Mark Zuckerberg net worth

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is a famous person and the founder and CEO of an internet site that probably most of the word uses – Facebook. He was declared as the person of the year by Time. Mark Zuckerberg ...
Net Worth: $10 Billion