Charles Barkley net worth

Charles Barkley net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Charles Barkley

So let’s talk about Charles Barkley net worth – according to the last estimates he has capital and assets worth around $30 million dollars. And you might be surprised to learn how few of all the former NBA stars have actually managed to maintain their fortunes at this level after the retirement. Mostly, they just continue the same luxurious lifestyles ignoring the fact that their incomes have decreased dramatically, until they find out that their banking accounts are half empty, at best. At the worse scenario, they do not stop spending until they are completely broke and have some serious debts. But enough about the others, we are here to talk about Charles Barkley net worth.
So how did he earn all this money? Well I guess you already know the answer to this question… Even if you turn out the TV every time you see anything related to sports, my notification that he is a former NBA star must have been kind of a spoiler. Yes, Barkley has earned his money while playing for such teams as Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets. During his career Charles Barkley has participated in two Olympic Games alongside the “Dream Team” and won numerous accolades. Eventually he was named as one of the league’s most valuable players and included into the list of the 50 Greatest NBA Players in history. Having this in mind, it is not that surprising that Charles Barkley net worth amounts to $30 million, is it?
In fact, during his active career Charles has earned way, WAY more money than a bizarre $30 million. It is estimated that his income from basketball salary alone over the ears amounted to $40.3 million. Barkley has earned a quarter of this sum, $9 million, over the last year of his career, while having the last season with Houston Rockets. And for sure, basketball salary was not his only source of income. As all the NBA legends, he has endorsed numerous products and companies, including Nokia and Nike. I guess at least some of you remember the line he used to advertise the later of these companies: “I am not a role model”. Well this wasn’t just a slogan. During his career Charles has fiercely defended the idea that parents should stop looking at basketball stars as the role models for their kids and try to show the positive example by themselves instead.
As for the day, Barkley is among the most popular sport commentators in the US and this is not surprising, knowing what a great sense of humor he has. As long as he continues to entertain America with phrases like “”You got to believe in yourself. Hell, I believe I’m the best-looking guy in the world and I might be right”, Charles Barkley net worth will remain at the same heights!

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