Charlie Chaplin net worth

Charlie Chaplin net worth

Net Worth: $50 Million

About Charlie Chaplin

It is currently estimated that Charlie Chaplin net worth amounted to $50 million. It has been almost 40 years since his death and still this comedian, who ascended to stardom in the silent film era, is still widely remembered. I guess this is how it is going to be for decades to come to. Just like the stars above us, stars of the entertainment business who manage to leave such a significant mark in culture seem to shed light long after they die. But enough of “poetry”, let’s get to our main topic and see how this poor kid from England became one of the most popular and commercially successful actors throughout the world.

As I have already mentioned, Charlie’s childhood was fraught with hardship and poverty. At a certain point both of his parents were music hall entertainers. Although his father was rather successful as a singer, this did not make Chaplin’s childhood any easier. Although they never got an official divorce, his parents lived separately ever since he was a little boy. Charlie, just like his brother Sydney, lived with their mom, who’s singing career under the stage name Lily Harley was short and unsuccessful. Hence, her single mother of two was incapable of providing for her kids. While speaking about the earliest stage of his life the comedian and actor has said: “I was hardly aware of a crisis because we lived in a continual crisis; and, being a boy, I dismissed our troubles with gracious forgetfulness.” Back in the day it was impossible to imagine that someday Charlie Chaplin net worth will amount to tens of millions. But he did become one of the richest men of his time. Hence Charlie’s biographer has described the star’s personal story as “the most dramatic of all the rags to riches stories ever told”.

Charlie‘s career on stage started particularly early, when he was just a 5-year-old. According to the Charlie, it was his mother who encouraged him to pursue a career in entertainment business by convincing him of his own talent. His father, or to be more particular his connections in entertainment business, helped too. Charlie Chaplin net worth growth gained momentum in the mid-1920s, when he started filming for silent movies, such as a A Woman of Paris and The Gold Rush.

Not only his career in movie industry determined the rapid growth of Charlie Chaplin net worth, it also added meaning to his life. The legend is quoted saying: „Motion Pictures are for the people; most of the people work for a living, and they don’t make much money doing it; gives them pleasure to see an official from the upper classes getting a kick up the backside. Always has, and it always will; and if that can change things, so much the better.“

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