Chris Pratt net worth

Chris Pratt net worth

Net Worth: $4 Million

About Chris Pratt

As for the day, Chris Pratt net worth stands at $4 million and he is way past the phase where he had to take every role he is offered just to make the ends meet. In this article we are going to discuss Chris‘ career straight from the beginning: we are going to tell you what kind of job did he dream about as a kid and how did he turned out to be the actor; what were his first and the most important roles on movies. In addition, we are going to discuss some aspects of Pratt‘s personality, because believe me, it is not any less interesting than his professional career. Take that for example: the guy has a whole ecosystem in is room, with running waterfall, different sensors, plenty of plants and pets, that include lizard named Puff, five goldfish – named Pinky, Brain, Jowels, Pearl and Sandy, an oscar fish named Chef, two pacus and an albino African frog named Whitey!
So did Chris‘ always know he wants to be an actor? Not exactly… As a kid, he was great at sports and dreamed about becoming a stuntmen. In order to prepare himself for his future career, the kid used to spend hours practicing falling, for example, from the stairs… It is quite funny that the career which has boosted Chris Pratt net worth to $4 million kind of fell on him by accident. Here is what the actor had to say: „A friend bought me a plane ticket to Hawaii, which is where I got discovered and became an actor, so I guess a friend bought me a winning lottery ticket.“ A more detailed version of the story suggests that the future millionaire was waiting tables at the small restaurant in Hawaii when he was noticed by Rae Dawn Chong. The actor-director has cast him for the movie Cursed Part 3 and that is when Chris Pratt net worth started to grow.
Following this debut Pratt has appeared on the widest range of movies, including Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty, Her and Guardians of the Galaxy. The last of these films, in which Chris plays the leading role, has premiered in Hollywood less than a couple of weeks ago and it has already grossed $37 million! The movie has also received a positive critical response: Rotten Tomatoes reported 92% percent approval rating and gave the film a very appealing description: “Guardians of the Galaxy is just as irreverent as fans of the frequently zany Marvel comic would expect–as well as funny, thrilling, full of heart, and packed with visual splendor.” If he continues to go like this, in a couple of years Chris Pratt net worth might be much greater than $$ million!

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