Courteney Cox net worth

Courteney Cox net worth

Net Worth: $120 Million

About Courteney Cox

It has been announced that the total size of the current Courteney Cox net worth is as high as 120 million dollars. She has earned a huge part of her net worth because of her successful career into acting. However, besides being an actress, she has also made her name popular as a producer. Therefore, acting and producing have been two main sources when it comes to increasing the overall size of Courteney Cox net worth as well.

The actress was born in Alabama, in 1964. Before she started her career as an actress, Courteney Cox was also a model. Thus, when she moved to live to New York City, she immediately got signed to Ford Modeling Agency. Thus, after her involvement into modeling, Courteney Cox got more interested into acting. In 1984 she got a small part in one episode of the show called “As the World Turns”. Courteney Cox got her big break when she appeared in a music video called “Dancing in The Dark” by Bruce Springsteen. After that, Courteney Cox got a part in the sitcom called “Family Ties”. In this sitcom, she was chosen for a role of a girlfriend of Michael J. Fox. The sitcom has also added up a lot to the total sum of Courteney Cox net worth.

In 1994 Courteney Cox became immensely popular when she was chosen to appear in two productions, which one of them was in the TV show called “Friends” and another one in the popular comedy called “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. Both of these productions increased the overall sum of Courteney Cox net worth a lot.

Talking about her appearances on the popular sitcom called “Friends”, there she got a part of Monica Geller. Her cast mates of the show were people who also became very popular because of this sitcom, including Matt Le Blanc, Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer. For ten years Courteney Cox was appearing on this show. Thus the show not only made him famous, but also added up to the total estimate of her net worth. Because of her appearance in this sitcom, Courteney Cox was nominated for an American Comedy Award.

Courteney Cox has also appeared in the production called “Scream”, where she got a role of Gale Weathers, a neurotic report. However, the sitcom “Friends” is still considered as the one which made her mostly famous and increased the total size of her net worth the most.

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