Jared Padalecki net worth

Jared Padalecki net worth

Net Worth: $5 Million

About Jared Padalecki

It has been estimated that the total amount of the current Jared Padalecki net worth is as high as 5 million dollars. He has become famous and rich because of his career as an actor. In the beginning of the 2000s Jared Padalecki became famous when he appeared in the TV series called “Gilmore Girls”. In addition, he is known not only from TV screens, but also because of his appearances in films, such as “House of Wax” and “New York Minute”. Thus, all of these appearances not only made him more famous, but also increased the total estimate of Jared Padalecki net worth. However, to a bigger part of audiences Jared Padalecki is known from the TV series called “Supernatural”, where he appeared as Sam Winchester. Thus, this show has also added up to the total size of Jared Padalecki net worth.

Jared Padalecki was born in San Antonio, Texas in 1982. He has European origins from both of his parents’ sides. In 2000 Jared Padalecki graduated from high school and after graduation he had plans to study at the University of Texas. However, he soon changed his mind and decided to move to Los Angeles, California, where he intended to pursue a career of an actor.

In 1999, he appeared in his first film, where he got a small part in “A Little Inside”. One year later, Jared Padalecki was chosen for a TV series called “Gilmore Girls”. In these series, Jared Padalecki was chosen for a role of Dean Forester. The series also served as an important source of increasing the total amount of Jared Padalecki net worth. He stayed in this show up until 2005.

In the 2000s Jared Padalecki mainly appeared in films made for TV, such as “Close to Home”, “A Ring of Endless Light” and “Silent Witness”. Jared Padalacki also appeared in the film called “Cheaper by the Dozen”, where he got a part of a school bully but his role was uncredited in this one. He also auditioned to appear in this film in a bigger role, but decided not to accept it since he was filming the pilot of the TV show called “Young MacGyver”, however, this show has never been completed for airing. In 2004, Jared Padalecki got a part in the film by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, called “New York Minute”, in which he was chosen for a part of Trey Lipton.

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