Johnny Weir net worth

Johnny Weir net worth

Net Worth: $2 Million

About Johnny Weir

Johnny Weir net worth is currently estimated at $2 million. This does not seem that much, knowing he is a 2008 World bronze medalist, US national champion and two-time Grand Prix Final bronze medalist. However, figure skating is not the highest paying field of sport. Although his bank account does not reflect this fact clearly enough, Johnny‘s professional achievements are impressive. Plus, this guy constantly gets involved in some interesting stories and controversies. Hence, in this article we are going to briefly overview both the professional career which boosted Johnny Weir net worth to $2 million and his personal life.

The Champion started dreaming about becoming a figure skater at the age 10, after seeing Oksana Baiul win her 1994 Olympic gold medal. Following this he started practicing to dance and jump on roller skates. Seeing Johnny‘s passion and determination his parents gave him a pair of figure skates. At first the boy practiced all by himself and later his parents purchased group lessons at the University of Delaware. Priscilla Hill, who worked as a coach here, was quit to notice the boy‘s talent and took him as a private student. Although Johnny started training relatively late, at the age 12, and this was in 1996, by the season 2002-2003 he has already qualified for the United States Nationals. Thant‘s when Johnny Weir net worth growth gained momentum.

Now let‘s speak about the controversies he‘s been involved in. In 2011 Johnny published a book Welcome to My World in which he officially admitted to be gay, but this was suspected long before. In fact, during 2010 Winter Olympics two Canadian broadcasters went as far as to question his gender, suggesting: “We should make him [Weir] pass a gender test at this point,” Johnny‘s reaction to these comments was incredibly calm: “I’ve heard worse in bathrooms” – the skater said. On the New Year’s Eve in 2011, after just a couple months of dating, Johnny got married to Victor Voronov, 28. ‘His name is Victor, he’s kind of everything that I’ve ever looked for and aspired to be in a relationship with“ – the star said in an interview. While Johnny‘s sexual orientation has been known (or suspected for a while, his husband claims that he has managed to keep it a secret right until the wedding. In fact, the story of how his best friend got introduced to this fact is pretty funny. Around the time Voronov decided to come out of the closet the malls were full of Weir’s photos, as he was doing MAC Cosmetics campaign. “So I took my best friend to the mall and there was a huge poster of Johnny in makeup and was like, ‘I’m gay and I’m married to that“ – Voronov said. By the way, although Voronov‘s fortune is not as impressive as Johnny Weir net worth he has quite good job as a lawyer.

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