Les Gold net worth

Les Gold net worth

Net Worth: $1.5 Million

About Les Gold

It has been announced that the overall amount of Les Gold net worth reaches 1.5 million dollars. Les Gold is mostly known as being involved into the business of the family called “American Jewelry and Loan”. It is also considered to be the main source of Les Gold net worth. Les Gold is also known as a pawnbroker of the third generation. In the public, Les Gold has a reputation as the charismatic patriarch, as well. In 1978 in Detroit Les Gold opened his business which he called “American Jewelry”. This business started to accumulate Les Gold net worth which he has today. A second “American Jewelry” location was opened quite recently, in 2011. It is based in Pontiac.

In 1940, his family also got involved into business with launching the first location of “Sam’s Loan”. The one who were involved in it through almost all periods was his father. The jewelry store which he owns has over 45 employees and occupies 50 thousand square feet.

Although “American Jewelry and Loan” is mostly known as a pawn store, to a lot of people it is also considered as a family empire, since mostly people from Les Gold family work in it or are involved in it on one way or another. All of the family’s kids are also involved into this business and the family is hoping that someday the kids will take over this family empire. Also, the manager of “American Jewelry and Loan” is known to be the son of Les named Seth. In addition, Seth is in charge of the marketing of the business, as well. Moreover, another kid of Les Gold, Ashley, is also involved into the business and she works as an assistant manager.

Moreover, Les Gold is also known as a TV personality, which is supposed to be another source of Les Gold net worth. He has his own TV show called “Hardcore Pawn” which is aired on the TruTV. The TV show is a documentary divided into TV series which are produced by the RDF USA. The show is focused on the employees and the customers of the business and it shows conflicts, relationships and drama which happens between the two sides. However, the show was accused of only portraying Stars from Pawn rather than promoting the store itself. Nevertheless, it brings revenues to the net worth of Les Gold and it increases his financial success.

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