Pierce Brosnan net worth

Pierce Brosnan net worth

Net Worth: $80 Million

About Pierce Brosnan

It has been stated that Pierce Brosnan net worth reaches an estimate of 80 million dollars. He is known as an entertainer from Ireland. Pierce Brosnan is also regarded to be as one of the best actors of all time. His most known role is James Bond. Pierce Brosnan has appeared in various films such as “The World Is Not Enough”, “Golden Eye”, “Tomorrow Never Dies” and “Die Another Day”. All these movies increased the overall amount of Pierce Brosnan net worth a lot.

In addition, video games were created according to his character of James Bond and Pierce Brosnan voiced the character in video games called “James Bond 007: Nightfire” and “James Bond 007: Everythingor Nothing”. Besides acting in films related to his popular role of James Bond, he has also appeared in many others, which also gained a lot of success. These films include “Mrs. Doubtfire”, “Victim of Love”, “Don’t Talk to Strangers” and many more. These films also added a lot of revenues to the total amount of Pierce Brosnan net worth.

In addition to being an actor, Pierce Brosnan is also known as a film producer and an activist, mostly of environment. His initial aim was to become a commercial illustrator, which he tried to achieve after he left comprehensive school when he was 16 years old. Later, he was being trained in London, where he attended Drama Centre and where he studied for three years. Moreover, he became known when he was chosen to act in the TV series called “Remington Steele” between the years 1982-1987. It is also considered that the TV show started to accumulate Pierce Brosnan net worth which he has today.

Right after the TV show, Pierce Brosnan got a role in the films “Mrs. Doubtfire” as well as “The Fourth Protocol”. In 1995. Pierce Brosnan got a role of James Bond, and he became the fifth actor to portray this legendary character. Overall, Pierce Brosnan appeared in four James Bond films which were filmed between the years 1995-2002. In 1996, Pierce Brosnan founded a production company which was entitled “Irish Dreamteam”. The company is established in Los Angeles. Recently, Pierce Brosnan became known mostly because of his supportive work and activism in environment.

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pierce brosnan net worth

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