Rick Salomon net worth

Rick Salomon net worth

Net Worth: $30 Million

About Rick Salomon

Rick Salomon net worth is pretty impressive: he currently has some $30 million in his account. For the most part, it was his online gambling website and luck at the Poker table that brought Rick his fortune. But it is neither his entrepreneurial skills nor a brilliant Poker-face that made this man world-famous. Rather, it was his relationships with world-class female celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, Shannen Doherty, E.G. Daily and most recently – Pamela Anderson. If you asked me, his personal dramas have been even more interesting than his professional achievements, hence in this article we are going to discus both the sources of Rick Salomon net worth and his love affairs.

For starters, I must admit I have no idea what is it about this man that makes women go crazy about him. I mean I can see he is handsome (and was even more so a decade ago), but is it really all what it takes for ladies to put up with all of his flaws? This is a question to think about, now let’s get down to the facts. In the mid 1990s Rick married Elizabeth Daily, an actress and musician who was 7 years his senior. You probably know her from productions like All Grown Up! and Dottie in the film Pee-wee’s Big Adventure. The marriage between Rick and Elizabeth did not last long, but during the five years together the couple has welcomed two girls, Tyson and Hunter. Just a couple of yours after his divorce with Daily, Rick married Hollywood bad-girl Shannen Doherty. If you have followed Beverly Hills, 90210 or Charmed, you will probably know her as either as Brenda Walsh or Prue Halliwell. For Shannen, just like for Rick, this has been a second marriage. Before meeting the poker player the actress has been married to Ashley Hamilton, who has starred in movies Lost in Africa, Iron Man 3, and Cats Dancing on Jupiter(2015). Rich and Shannen divorced in 2003, after as little as one year of marriage.

The real drama started soon after, as the sex tape featuring the millionaire and his former girlfriend Paris Hilton was leaked (or so they said). By the way, Paris’ fortune is much more impressive than Rick Salmon net worth: she has some $100 million and is expected to inherit much more sooner or later. At first Hiltons family tried to prevent the type from being distributed and to save their daughter’s reputation (although we could probably all agree that it was already a bit too late for that) by claiming that at the time it was made Paris was underage (this would have made distribution illegal). Needless to say, this interpretation of event did not like to Rick, who answered with $10 million suit for the family. In the end, however, both stars have forgotten all the claims about privacy, as well as moral sentiments, and earned a considerable fortune by distributing the sex tape One Night in Paris.

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rick salomon net worth rick salomon net worth

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