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It has been reported that Afroman net worth is down to $100 thousand. So he may be famous, but his financial situation is pretty miserable. As you may know, this American musician ascended to stardom with the little track titled “Because I got High” in the early 2000s. This particular track was a huge hit and is still occasionally hummed by many people (including me). However, since the release of this single Afroman has not really created anything that would catch the attention of masses. He still has a certain amount of dedicated fans that would follow him to hell, but it is not enough of them to keep Afroman net worth at any higher level. In addition to these financial troubles, the musician is having some problems with law. We will discuss both Afroman’s career and the recent scandal he got himself into in the following paragraphs.

Afroman released his debut album, titled My Fro-losophy, in 1998. Despite Afroman’s hopes it practically remained unnoticed. A couple of years later the musician released his second studio album, which contained his hit song “Because I Got High”. Despite that, I think the only country where the album was actually popular was New Zealand: the album topped the charts there and remained in this position for four weeks. Many of the songs originally released with Because I Got High (“Because I Got High”, “Mississippi”, “Hush”, “Tumbleweed”, “She Won’t Let Me Fuck”, “Tall Cans” and “American Dream”) were latter re-released with Afroman‘s fourth studio album: The Good Times. Mostly due to the success of the singles “Because I Got High” and „Crazy Rap“ the album reached No. 9 on US Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and No. 10 on US Billboard 200. Needless to say, it has significantly contributed to the growth of Afroman net worth. However, it is the only one of his albums so far that has enjoyed a major commercial success. Hence, it is not surprising that the musician is not particularly rich. And yet we also have to mention that despite the lack of mainstream success Afroman has a sort of cult following around him and he really appreciates it. In one of his interviews he said: „ You know, I can handle it all, but I guess when it’s all said and done, the cult is the one that will be with you every time when you’re on the radio or not, so I observe that as the safety net and I am so thankful to God for all of them.“

And leaving Afroman net worth aside, here is what you have to know about the recent scandal he‘s been going through: apparently, the star knocked-out the woman who climbed on the stage during the performance and approached the Singer from behind!

Now you know very well why Afroman net worth is this huge

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