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Brittanya Razavi is among the favorite model along with a reality TV star with this much talent. She was a blessed child as her lovers say and did a lot of reality shows and got much love from that point. These shows include attraction school, I like money, and Rock of love. Her lovers are gaga over her tattoos, piercings along with her beautiful dimples. Due to getting amounts of tattoos on her entire body area, she got many offers to get printed in pay of magazines such as Rebel, disgusting, Ink and barbarous tattoo. Her lovers admired her for whatever she’s done in her area and they’re a major fan of her body and style. She’s a body dimension of 36D- 25-25.

Fans after of Brittanya Razavi are less than anybody else in the business and she stays successful in handling great numbers of followers. Her lovers around facebook are approximately 5.6 million followers which is sufficient in revealing her lovers. Instagram has more than facebook and about about 11.9 million individuals follow her on Instagram. She’s also among company girl who works for just two brands and that’s silent famous: MeowGang and 197 clothes. Besides her pretty face and body, she’s also worked on lots of reality shows such as Charm school year 3 and Rock of Love Bus.

Some significant details

Present State and state –California, USA

Home State and state — Oxnard, California, USA

Educational qualifications

Brittanya Razavi has attended an unknown quiet exclusive faculty in her native California. From that point she’s finished her college degree instruction then.

Brittanya Razavvi is just one the most adorable child among a group of five. The titles of her sister aren’t known except her older sister. Title of her senior sister is tiffany O- Campo whose sole advice is her name and she’s a businesswoman also, such as Brittanya Razavi.

Considering that Brittanya Razavi is your youngest child in her loved ones, she’s always obtained a considerable quantity of love from her parents and has been favorite of these. She’s always received out of her sisters also and friends also. But she’s a dark side also where her father was sent to prison, that left her mother to look after her and provide for her household’s requires.

She has a superb prospect of growing opportunity to look at the magazines like Savage Tattoo, Tattoo, MMA, rebel Ink, Tattoo Energy, Sports Magazine and others. Brittanya Razavi is very popular on social networking networking websites via recent years. Throughout 2009, she acquired success in the conventional media outlets too.

She’s a enormous number of followers online; Brittanya Razavi will land a gig on several different VH1reality shows. Her record includes shows like the stone of Love Bus and attraction school. She’s worked with other people like stone singer Bret Michaels. Michaels is known to be the lead singer of this band Poison. Subsequently Brittanya Razavi combined another VH1 reality series that’s named Love Money. And she gained so much publicity as a result of her appearance in these shows and that’s a good turn in to her life. She got starred in a number of dramas. From the year 2012, Brittanya Razavi played the use of Lexus within an indie comedy film named Dysfunctional Friends.

Then she moved for launch her clothes brand that went so powerful, called 187 Avenue. Brittanya Razavi subsequently sells her self- produced accessories and merchandise in this store. She’s also co-authored a publication named Millionaire self-talk which gained its own popularity. Her lovers pay exclusive cash to see her personal videos on the website called Brittanya Razavi TV.

After Brittanya Razavi had been 15 years old she had her first child. But she gave that kid to some other individual to her godfather. And she’d complicated relationships and she never spoke about them. Her only one of boyfriend turned out from reality TV celebrity Nico Vasquez, but their relationship didn’t see .

She’s married to a guy Moe Razavi and also he is of Iranian descent. This leaves their kids multinational, together with Persian and Mexican origins. Lucky Moe can also be among the most popular known figure. He’s a well-known CEO and entrepreneur in the electronic media and entertainment team. Brittanya Razavi embraced husband’s surname after she’d then got married . She’d child with him at the year 2012, a boy named money king.

Web Worth of Brittanya Razavi

She’s a businessman and she runs her personal video and she’s doing good on several reality shows. She’s great numbers of followers on most of social websites and she’s quite common. The calculated net value of Brittanya Razavi is about $6 million and $8 million. Even though this isn’t clear it’s only estimation.

Winding upward

Brittanya Razavi is just one of hot public figure where her fans love her to the many. And her life was a contentious due to so many matters. She’s even mum of five kids and she’s doing good with that. But she always stayed silent about her rumours which left more her private life more cryptic.

If you would like to follow along with her then you are able to follow her on almost any social networking platform. It is possible to also get her all of the videos and photos from her accounts.

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Brittanya Razavi Net Worth

Brittanya Razavi is among the favorite model along with a reality TV star with this much talent. She was a blessed child...