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Dubai, UAE

Pros and cons of antimicrobial coating

PVC flooring Dubai was in trend for many years and people are using it as they are easy to fit and easy to maintain as well but now there are a lot of other kinds of flooring available which are very useful in different ways so people are getting their hands on them as well. You can have antimicrobial coating on the top of your PVS flooring as well and then your kitchen will be bacteria free for about 6 to 8 months after that you have to renew that coating for further protection. There are a few pros and cons of this coting which you will get to know here below:

When you get the antimicrobial coating on your floor or on your walls then it will protect you from the spreading of bacteria that causes diseases and because you have to cook food in there so you have to be more conscious about it. When you get this coating then it will help you in staying away from the diseases that are spread through bacteria and other microbes. If you get any of the diseases then your immunity will be weaken as they attack your immune system and it will invite further diseases to make your body as their home. Another benefit is that when you have it on a lab or in the medical clinics then they will keep your place clean of bacteria and viruses and it will have a good impact on your clinic’s environment which means that the environment will be better in there. Even if they do not reduce the amount of bacteria in the environment, they will help in cleaning in lesser time and with better effects as they will not allow bacteria to sit on the surface and it will prevent its regeneration too.

There some of the cons too but they are very minor as compared to the benefits which you will get from that coating. One of the main disadvantages is that central medical health centers will say that they do not find any evidence that these coatings are helping in controlling bacterial growth or existence. They sat that proper cleaning habits are more important in staying healthy and active also when you get these coatings then you need to change them after every few months of first installation.