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Things to consider before trademark registration application

Things to consider before trademark registration application

Trademark refers to brand name and logo that gives you exclusive rights to sue against people who try to use your name or trademark. In this digital marketing era, most people find shortcuts and use others’ goodwill for their products and services. To protect your brand name or logo from such infringement, trademark registration is essential for every business. So, if you are looking to register your logo or brand name, make sure to consider the following things.

Choose your trademark carefully:

When you looking to register your trademark, make sure that your logo has the ability to distinguish your product or services among others. If are about to start a new business, find your trademark or logo carefully. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to register your name or logo, be sure that it is original and not a copy of others. Make your brand unique with particular slogans, symbols, or even numeric words. Once you have chosen your trademark, it will make it easy to file an application for registration.

Choose color or black & white logo:

One of the primary questions of the trademark registration in UAE is whether you want to make your logo colorful or black & white. If you want to make your colorful logo; you have to file a new registration application, and you are not allowed to use any other mark instead of ™ or ®, which increases your cost. On the other hand, if you look to register a logo in black & white, you can use any pattern for the logo, and it is cost-effective than a colorful logo.

Consider class and description:

Another important consideration when getting registration for a trademark is class and description for trademark protection. Trademark registration offers 45 classes for particular products and services. Therefore, be careful when choosing a business activity that suits your trademark registration. This way, you can protect your brand name and logo under the right class of business activity.

Check the availability of name and logo:

Once you have identified your logo or symbol for trademark registration, it is time to check the availability of these symbols, logos, and brand names. If somebody is already using such logos or names, you might face application rejections.

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