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Tips for car oil change

Tips for car oil change

Each car has different requirements when we talk about oil change. Whether it is the kind of oil required, amount or mixture, it is actually necessary to cross check the instructions of the manufacturers related to these details. For instance, if a person pours the incorrect oil in their car, then it can be a cause of reduced lubrication and also the life of the engine will be reduced. Therefore, you should properly know the requirements of your car.

There is a specific requirement about the weight of oil as well that should be poured in the engine. This requirement is different in each car because of different problems. Now, the latest cars have got the weight mentioned over the cover of the oil fill. If it is not mentioned, then there might be a little label which would tell you about the requirements of the engine. The oil’s weight must always be the same as mentioned in the instructions manual given by the manufacturer.

If you are pouring a new oil in the engine and if you performing this task at home then it is essential that you have got the protective equipment as well as supplies in order to make sure that the changing of oil is being done in a secure, clean and trouble free manner. Make sure to put on rubber gloves and also put towels near you so if you spill oil on yourself, you can clean it right away.

When you are changing the oil, make sure your car is cool because if you put oil in a car that has just been driven, then you might burn yourself. The oil definitely circulates when the engine is warm but it could be a sever issue if you spill oil on yourself in such situation. So, make sure to be very careful and not hurt yourself.

Obviously you require a drain pan because you would never want the oil to drain on your hands or even on the floor. You will very easily find a drain pan at the car shops near you. However, the car shop would consist of different kinds of drain pans. So, make sure you know which kind of drain pan you require and then buy that one.

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