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Hank Williams NET WORTH: $45 MILLION

Hank Williams Jr. net worth is currently estimated at $45 million and this makes him one of the richest country music singers in the world. Whether you like his music or not, I am pretty sure you know at least one of his songs and that is “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming. You may also know him as a son of a legendary country singer Hank Williams or a father of a musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist Shelton Hank Williams, better known as Hank Williams third. In this article we are going to concentrate on the sources of Hank Williams Jr. net worth and his professional career, but his father and son might also come into the picture.

As I have already mentioned, Hank was born in a family of a famous country singer Hank Williams. But few people know that his mother Audrey Williams was a musician too. She was briefly married before meeting Hank and unfortunately, her marriage with him did not last long either. The relationship was turbulent straight from the beginning. The situation got even worse as Williams Sr. has developed a serious problem including alcohol, morphine, and even other painkillers. The divorce was finalized in 1952, when Hank Williams Jr. Was still just a toddler and following this boy staid alone with his young single mother. Perhaps it is for better that Williams Jr. did not have to spend the yearly, formative years of his life living with his father, because as time went by his addictions were getting totally out of hand, even though career-wise he was doing just fine. Despite all of his flaws, in the mid of Williams Jr. his father remained a role model (at least as a musician). For quite a long time he has pursued recognition by imitating the voice and style of father. Hence, it is true to say that it was his father‘s talent and legacy that kick-started the growth of Hank Williams Jr. Net worth.

The Singer gained some prominence in the 1960s, as he released an album Your Cheatin’ Heart, which was certified gold. But it was only in the 1980s that Hank Williams Jr. net worth growth gained momentum. Throughout the decade he has released 4 Platinum and as much as 8 Gold albums. The first of his records to receive Platinum certification from the Recording Artists Association of America was titled The Pressure Is On and reached the store in 1981.Bu the most lucrative year for Hank was 1987. That year the talented musician has released two Platinum albums, Hank Live and Born to Boogie. His latest album, Old School New Rules, was pretty successful too.

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