Eating disorders and their causes

Eating disorders and their causes

This article will tell eating disorder and also the causes of it. So, read this article if you want to know both of these things. Also, you should know the causes of eating disorders because you can save yourself from doing such things that can lead to eating disorders. Eating disorders can be treated but everything takes time.

Eating disorders is just not about food rather it is more than that. These disorders are complicated conditions related to mental health. And these disorders usually need interference of people who are experts in dealing medical and emotional situations.

Eating disorders are basically the kinds of emotional and mental conditions due to which eating habits that are unhealthy are developed. These eating disorders usually start with the craze of food, weight of the body and shape of the body.

In some extreme cases, eating disorders can be the source of sever health outcomes and god forbid but a person can even die if this disorder is not treated.

People having eating disorders can experience various symptoms some of which might comprise of limitation of food, a lot of sessions of food, vomiting or excessive exercising, etc.

People of any age can get affected by eating disorders and there are also no restriction on gender. But, still eating disorders are most commonly found in teenagers and women who are young.

What are the causes of eating disorders?

Eating disorders can be caused because of a number of factors and some of the causes are as follows.

  • Genes: The main cause of eating disorders is genes. It might be that someone in your family such as your mother or father has eating disorders and due to this it could be transferred in you as well.
  • Personality: Qualities of personality can also be one of the cause of eating disorder. There are three personality characteristics that can lead to eating disorders and they are psychological disorder, meticulousness and abruptness.
  • Others: There are some other causes of eating disorders and they include compulsion to be slim, cultural choices for slimness and subjection to media to encourage so much perfection.

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