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Net Worth – $15 Million

As for the day, Steve Guttenberg net worth is estimated at $15 million and it is rather unlikely that it will significantly increase in the nearest future. And in case this happens, I bet that this time the source of Steve Guttenberg net worth will be his acting jobs. As the actor has admitted in his witty memoir book, titled The Guttenberg Bible, the highest point of his career is already in the past. As the organization of his book suggests, his career has already gone through four stages and is currently in the fifth one (perhaps for good). At first, there was a stage when nobody knew who Guttenberg is, then – when everyone wanted Steve Guttenberg or at least someone “his type”. As the actor got a little older, he was no longer in such high demand, but still many people wanted “Young Steve Guttenberg” – the person who no longer existed. As for the day, his last name does not ring a bell for most people, so basically he is back where he started. This is what Steve wrote in his memoir book, but I think the actor was being a little too harsh and pessimistic while assessing his current position in the industry. The actor is still pretty active, hence, it is worth to take a closer look at his career.

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Steve Guttenberg net worth started to grow in 1977, as he landed a leading role on a teen comedy film The Chicken Chronicles. Although the movie was not particularly successful commercially, eventually it became a cult classic and gave Guttenberg what he needed most – publicity. Throughout the 1980s, probably the most successful decade in Steve’s career, he has starred in three movie franchises: Police Academy (since 1984), Cocoon (since 1985), and Three Men and a Baby (since 1987). At the time the first Police Academy movie reached the cinemas, there was an extraordinarily large number of great comedy movies competing for an attention of the audience. Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Romancing the Stone, Splash, Bachelor Party – all of these films were released around the same time. Despite the competition, Police Academy turned out to be the sixth highest grossing comedy of 1984.

Another movie that significantly increased Steve Guttenberg net worth was Cocoon. This American science fiction fantasy comedy-drama film, which told a story about a group of elderly people rejuvenated by the aliens, was successful both critically and commercially. Not only it received positive critical reviews, earned numerous accolades (like Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects in 1985) and nominations, but also grossed more than $76 million in North America alone. The third movie worth mentioning here, Three Man and a Baby, grossed $168 million, becoming the first movie by Wald Disney Studios to gross over $100 USD.

Now you have an idea why Steve Guttenberg net worth is this huge

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