Kinds of wills

Kinds of wills

There are various kinds of wills but they all can’t be discussed at the same time. So, we have decided to discuss some major kinds of wills in Abu Dhabi.

Simple will

A simple will or as many people call it will. With the help of a simple will, one could make a decision about the people who will obtain his possessions and assets as well as give name to the guardian for younger children. By the name of the will, we can understand that writing this will is quite simple. The forms of simple will available online with the formation and pattern of simple will can give a remarkable plan or structure. However, you might still need to take lawful suggestions.

Collective will

A collective will is endorsed by more than one person in terms of an isolated will for every settlor or testator. Normally, the collective will is implemented by partners so that one of them could get all the things. The conditions of collective wills involving testator, inheritors and various other facilities cannot be adjusted or altered even if any testator has died. Due to such inflexibility, collective wills create some issues for the partner that is still alive because their wants and wishes might become different.

Trust will

A trust will locates several possessions and belongings in a trust in order to give benefit to the inheritors and give name to an agent to take care of the trust. This thing is quite beneficial if a person has inheritors who are young. With the help of trust will, one can keep his possessions and belongings in a trust as well as put limitations and restrictions on the legacy or inheritance, which might slightly depend on age. It could even depend upon on several other things.

Living will

A living will is not related to death. Rather, it lets you decide the medical care and treatment you wish to get if ever you get disabled. The living will can also contain the name of the person you choose to make decisions if you are incapable of doing it yourself.

You should get help from attorney when making a will because he will help you in deciding which kind of will is okay for you and which is not.

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